Our Objectives

Re-establishing a sense of normalcy in people’s life, through re-establishing routine activities, facilitating schooling and learning, recreational activities, resumption of cultural activities and traditions, promoting simple and individual ways of relieving stress, trauma and providing for expression and participation.

Empowering, the families as vital units and through re-establishing stable family life, promoting parental well-being and family self-sufficiency.

Building on community resilience and individual positive coping strategies, facilitating economic development strengthening social networks, organising social groups, strengthening community ties among the civil society.

Empowering women and youths and create awareness on social threats and enable them to voice for themselves.

Empowering the preschool teachers as focal point for change and make changing agents

Aaruthal aims at increasing and promoting non-violent ways of communication against the corporal punishment and violence. Promote discussions on equalities and respecting diversities; gender, culture and religion.